Mommywood vs. the open letter

By permanenteditor
The release of "Mommywood" was really exciting for all of Tori's close friends and family. She's truly a wealth of stories and such a talent! It's especially exciting for us because we only get to read her books the same day everyone else does - the day they're released! We don't take offense, since she likes to present the finished product with pictures. We have our own special "reading day" when a new Tori Spelling book is released. As with "StoriTelling", when "Mommywood" hit store shelves, we lay by the pool, and literally read the entire book from cover-to-cover. Let's just hope her next book isn't 3,000 pages long. So, The Guncles like to wear funny shirts on occasion (don't judge.) We've been known to sport a "Donna Martin Procreates" shirt to the 90210 Season 1 DVD release party when Tori was VERY pregnant, or an "I Heart McDeany" shirt to one of Dean's races. We enjoy showing our support, so wearing sassy shirts to the "Mommywood" book release party seemed only natural.Now, as for the "open letter" that Tori's mom wrote and released to the press, we truly do not understand why she would do that. Well... actually we do know why she did that - to try to surprise and embarrass her only daughter at what should be a joyous occasion. Well that, and sell more of her own books, since she released her book very close to the release of "Mommywood." We both have such close, loving relationships with our moms and they would NEVER do something like that to us. Our mothers, who live in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, have been out to visit several times over the past year, and have spent more quality time with Liam and Stella than their own grandmother...and "CandyGram" (as she calls herself in the press) only lives about 15 MILES from Tori, Dean and the kids. That breaks our heart! We see Tori trying to build a closer relationship with her mom, yet we haven't seen it change for the better throughout the years. Yes, it seems to have had its glimmers of hope here and there, but to hear her mom saying in interviews that she "doesn't even know where Tori lives"... well that's just baffling to us.If The Guncles could say anything to Mrs. Spelling, we would ask that she do whatever it takes to make the relationship between her and Tori well again. She should do this for Tori and especially for Liam and Stella, who deserve to have her in their lives. Boy, SHE SURE IS MISSING OUT on an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING family... HER OWN! Stay tuned to see what happens next week - a very special episode for The Guncles! Share The Guncles everyday lives via Twitter: @scoutmasterson @billhornwohi Lot's of Love - The "Guncles" Bill & Scout
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