Racing Like a Pro

By permanenteditor
Going back to the track after taking even the smallest amount of time off is a little scary. Racing is something you need to do a lot in order to get faster. Just like any sport, the more you practice, the better you get. I was nervous, but a few laps out on the track and I was back in a groove, not going super fast but feeling comfortable. It's like riding a bike . . . I know, bad pun. Getting my race license was incredible. I worked so hard for it, and went through an emotional roller coaster in the process. In the end, I persevered and got a lot of support from my wife, family and friends. I was also really proud of myself; I just started racing in November, and now I have my license. Look out AMA, here I come.I was mixed on planning Stella's party. The more we got into it, it just started becoming bigger and bigger. It was much bigger than Liam's first bday, and I thought his was huge and over the top. I just hope she remembers some of it when she's older. Tori's children's line fashion show was the BEST!! The clothes and the kids looked amazing. There was a hiccup with the late arrival of the backdrop, but once those beautiful little rug rats started strutting their stuff down the runway, it didn't matter. They stole the show!! It was a hit. Thank god for M&M's.
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