She is the Grace to my Will.

Tori and I have been best friends since we were teenagers. Over the years we've come to know each other very well. When people spend time with us, they often think we're like an old couple because we anticipate each other's thoughts and moods, and often finish each other's sentences. She is the Grace to my Will. Being her gay husband sometimes feels like being in a relationship minus all the complications. I definitely think Tori works too much, but that's just part of her genetic make-up. She likes to have a lot on her plate and juggle many projects. She's a natural producer. It's what she's good at. My only advice to her is to lay off the Blackberry for two hours of each working day. I think we would all be better off if we used the Blackberry less every day.I'm not a big fan of Dean's motorcycle hobby. It seems dangerous to me. He's got three kids and a wife who loves him and that he's responsible for. Tori is anxiety ridden every time he gets on a bike. I wish he would pursue something a little more risk averse.Tori, Dean and I have extremely hectic schedules but we always manage to make time for each other. They're like family to me. You always make time for family. And I think Dean does his fair share of the housework. He's also super involved with the kids and extremely hands-on Dad. That's one of the traits I most admire in him.

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