Stella is a total mama's girl already! I love it!

Since last season a lot has happened! Great stuff. First and foremost my stepson Jack and his mom moved back to LA from Canada. Because of that it was very important for us to move to another house so we can be close to where Jack lives and to be able to give him his own room! Also, Stella has grown so much and Liam is talking up a storm and starting to communicate his emotions. Our careers have taken off and we are trying hard to balance work and our family. Because I feel the mother/daughter dynamic can be complicated and I've experienced that personally with my own mom, I was terrified to have a daughter. I was worried that maybe I wouldn't know how to be a good mother to a daughter but from the moment Stella was born we had this undeniable connection. In the hospital she looked up at me and I could feel her calming me and telling me it was all going to be ok. And, it has been amazing! We have such a strong bond already. I dote on her and she's a total mama's girl already! I love it!Liam and Stella's bond grows closer day by day. At first he pretty much ignored her as she cried and slept constantly. But now that the age gap seems less and less, he really is into her. And she hangs on his every word or movement. He now asks for her and wants her included in everything he does. He calls her "Tella" or "Buggy" and holds her hand as she tries to walk. It's so cute! Dean's motorcycle hobby scares me to no end. BUT, I semi blame myself since for his 1st Father's day with Stella I rented him a motorcycle. So much for trying to be the cool wife who let's her husband go for his passionate hobbies. Backfired on me. Now, he's obsessed with racing and is even training to get his race license. I think it's a dangerous sport. But, he DOES look hot in his racing leathers!I really don't have time for hobbies. Wish I did. Between acting, writing my books, and designing my jewelry and children's clothing line and taking care of two babies I don't really have time for anything else. My family comes first no matter what though. They are my priority! But, one day I'd love to take up scrap booking or finally finish knitting Liam's baby blanket that I started when I was preggers with him.

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