Stella's 1st Birthday.

When I was planning Stella's 1st birthday party I couldn't believe my little lady was turning 1! It seriously flew by in the blink of an eye. It seemed just like yesterday that they were placing a wailing Stella Doreen in my arms and I was amazed at her beauty and fire! I could tell she was gonna be a strong willed lady who would give us a run for our money. I beamed at my beautiful daughter. I had a daughter! And, I've been thinking that same thing everyday for a year! My daughter. My beautiful daughter. And, finally it was upon us... Her 1st birthday. Planning a ladybug party was a no brainer theme. We call Liam "Monkey" and so he had a monkey themed party. We call Stella "Ladybug" aka Buggy so I knew ladybug would be the theme of the big day. I went all out planning it. It would be a ladybug english country tea party theme. I also designed a special ladybug dress from my clothing line, Little Maven. A one of a kind Stella ladybug dress. The best is that our families from both sides flew in for the big day. My Uncle Danny came in which was huge for me. I don't have many close family members and it's important to me that Liam and Stella grow up knowing they have family that love them. On Dean's side, his sister Dale flew in from Canada. It was the first time under one roof that the kids had family representatives from my side and Dean's side of the family! It was truly amazing. So much love. In my opinion, you can never be spoiled with too much love.The party turned out to be a huge success. Everyone had a great time and celebrated the first year of our shining star Stella. She's such a beautiful girl inside and out and has a heart of gold. She's always smiling. Her highlights of the day were watching with her big bro Liam, seeing The Jumpitz perform, and throwing herself completely into her cake. Literally! She rolled around in her Hansen's ladybug cake! Afterward, covered head to toe in cake , I walked her around announcing: HERE COMES THE CAKE MONSTER! So cute. We had to hose her down afterwards. I loved having all our family stay with us and I was really sad when they left after the party. And even sadder that the one year mark meant another family member would be leaving. I knew Patsy had to go home to her own family but I wasn't prepared to lose the woman who had in so many ways become my mom and had taught me to be the mother I had always dreamt of being. That day she left, I felt like part of my heart was being ripped out. FYI, I'm crying right now just blogging about it. She means the world to our family and I wish she could just live with us forever!But at the end of the day I am a blessed woman! I have a loving husband and amazing children. I have created the family I used to dream about . A family based on listening and supporting each other and just spending time togethe. A family based on complete and unconditional love. I wish that love for everyone!

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