The entire day was spent with one eye on the entrance awaiting her arrival.

By permanenteditor
To say that emotions were running high on the morning of Stella's first birthday party would be an understatement. After all, Tori really wore her heart on her sleeve when she sent the invitation over to her Mom and since the RSVP came back as a "Yes", we figured then she must be coming! The entire day was spent with one eye on the entrance awaiting her arrival, as we really didn't know whether she would come or not because of the unexpected RSVP. Well, as you all know now, she didn't come to the party. So you can guess who missed out?! Stella's party was sensational (period!). A first class, stylish, ladybug themed first birthday party for the Princess Buggy. With everything from a "decorate your own cookie" station to a bug petting zoo, there were enough activities to last an entire weekend. Stella had a blast! Of course, Liam also had an amazing time. When they rolled out the gigantic ladybug cake, Dean let Liam speak into the microphone and what did he say... his favorite birthday word... "CAKE!". It always puts a big smile on our faces to watch Stella and Liam "go at" a birthday cake and smear the icing everywhere. Don't we all wish we could do that as adults too!Watching Stella, Liam, Tori, Dean and all of our friends at the party really made us day dream about what it will be like to have our child's first birthday celebration. With any luck, Tori will offer to plan up a big celebration like the monkey and ladybug themed ones that she's quickly become so famous for. Perhaps we should nickname our child "giraffe" or "tiger", just to see what games, decorations and cakes Tori can dream up! (HA!) Speaking of our adoption, we're moving full speed ahead in the process. With our adoption brochure in its final stages of layout, we're hoping to get the official birth mom search on its way very soon! After all, Tori did mention she has a feeling we'll have our baby by Christmas (or was that her... or maybe BOTH!)Saying goodbye to Patsy was hard. We've shared so many great memories with her over the past few years and she's truly like a part of our family too! We're really hoping that when our baby arrives, whenever that may be, Patsy will be available to spend a few weeks with us in our home helping with the adjustment of having a newborn and to share her invaluable advice. It would be so great if everyone could have a Patsy! If you're on Twitter, add us and share in our everyday lives: Guncle Scout - @scoutmasterson Guncle Bill - @billhornwohiThank you for watching and for leaving your blog comments week after week. We enjoy reading your thoughts! Lot's of Love - The "Guncles" Bill & Scout
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