The Guncles are true soul mates.

By permanenteditor
This episode was VERY important to me. The Guncles committed to each other in a fabu ceremony planned by yours truly. Gosh I LOVE throwing a party but when it's a ceremony honoring the love shared by two important people in your life it's a true blessing. Bill and Scout aka The Guncles are true soul mates. Whether the state of California will acknowledge that or not it is a fact! A fact that no court can judge. They are madly in love and deserved to in front of their family and friends pledge their love to each other forever. They are husband and husband in my mind. Love doesn't know boundaries. Love doesn't know rulings. Love is blind and nonjudgmental. Love is pure and forever! And, it was important to them because they want a family. They are in the adoption process and the commitment ceremony was a step towards the future of the beautiful family they deserve and I know will one day have! I hope soon! They'll be amazing parents!They asked Liam to be the ring bearer. They are truly family to my kids. I was so honored they asked Liam to not only help to decide the flavor of their reception cake but walk their rings down the aisle to them. What an honor bestowed upon my little man! The ceremony/reception couldn't have been chicer! It went off without a hitch... Ok, few hiccups along the way but the end product was nothing short of beautiful and amazing! We had a great time and I loved that the kids got so much attention from The Guncles' moms! Made my day! They are amazing children and I relish in the moments when others see that and dote on them. Especially family! Family is so important. And, you realize that even more at gatherings from the heart!
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