The launch of "MOMMYWOOD"!

By permanenteditor
This episode followed a very exciting time for me...the launch of my second book "MOMMYWOOD!" It's such an amazing personal achievement for me. I loved writing my first book "sTori Telling" and was sad when I was done. But when it was released and I saw everyone's reaction to my stories and my voice, I knew I wanted to write a second book. Being a mom is and will always be my greatest achievement ever. So being able to write a book telling all my stories as a mom of two was so much fun. It was an easier process actually in terms of stories because as a mom you experience amazing things with your kids daily! I have an amazing fan base that I'm so grateful for and although I'm a mom, I didn't want to alienate any of my fans that don't have kids. I think the book is a good compromise of stories and everyone can relate to it. It's funny cause the day I finished writing MOMMYWOOD (also a web series), I had the same sad feeling as when I finished my first book. And NOW I have SO many MORE stories to tell. Hopefully, if there's a demand for it, I'll write a third book! But, let's get to the DEBUT of "MOMMYWOOD!"Last time my book launched, I was VERY preggers with Buggy and now with the launch of "MOMMYWOOD," I get to have both Monkey and Buggy right by my side! The LA party was amazing! I got to coordinate the color palette of the party with my book cover. The whole rooftop party at The Thompson Hotel was Kelly green (my fave) and black and white hounds tooth (so Hollywood chic.) You guys know I'm all about the party decor and planning! All my friends came to support me including my two Jennie(y)'s Garth and Reiss who each have 3 kids, yet made the time to be there for me! I was so appreciative. And, I got a surprise from someone!! Then, the whole family was off to NY to do the talk show circuit (The View and Today show) and an east coast party for "MOMMYWOOD!" I love promoting my book and was so happy that my family could travel with me. But honestly, I really just wanted to hang with my kids all day. I don't like being away from them at all. It's hard for me. But at least I was fortunate enough to be able to bring them on the trip! And my fave part of promotion is book signings! I get to meet and interact with my fans, it's amazing! I get to meet other moms and hear their own stories and how they relate to the book. Always love that aspect! So, enjoy the episode and yes, the motorcycle saga carries on!
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