The snow capped mountain backdrop was insanely beautiful.

Surprises are always fun especially when its a win-win for all parties involved! We all know I love the art of planning. It's not just parties, it's also doing things for the people I love the most. Even the smallest of surprises go a long way. I knew I wanted to surprise Dean in Calgary long before we even left for NYC. I hate flying but I'd do anything to be close to Dean and have our family reunited, so when Dean thought we were flying back to LA, we were actually flying up to him AND the snow in Calgary. When you're a super sleuth/pro-surpriser you have to be prepared at a moment's notice to alter the grand plan. When we arrived in Calgary, I had planned to be waiting in Dean's hotel room with the kids upon his return from his set. But things changed when our flight was delayed and he finished filming early. A type A detailed oriented personality never panics under pressure and never aborts mission. "Ah HA! Gotcha!" Quick on my toes, I texted him saying I missed him and asked when I could have the kids Skype him from his hotel room. That's when he informed me he was going with co-star Paul Sorvino to have a quick dinner at a local steakhouse. Ok, so plan Filet Mignon now in effect aka Plan B. *(Side note) Giving names to objects, people, places, and in this case a surprise plan sometimes adds dramatic effect to stories and makes the telling of them fun for the storyteller. (If Vegetarian, please insert word "broiled tofu" into the plan name above.)Anyway, back to the story: I sent Pats to the hotel with the babies since they were tired and I snuck into the restaurant. I went through a diagram of the layout of the restaurant and where the mark aka Dean aka the surprisee was sitting and asked the server if I could sneak up with his plate of dinner goodness and pretend to be his server. Whether she thought of me as a big dork or not, she humored me and handed over his plate of salmon. Before I could embark on fulfilling my mission I might have secretly wondered, "what kind of carnivore comes to a steakhouse and orders salmon?" But it was just a passing thought and I proceeded to bum rush his table, come up behind him, and place his plate in front of him. Although I could really only hear the sound of my excited heart racing, I believe I said something like "your order sir." I had hoped I sounded legit. Although I had auditioned numerous times for the role of a waitress, I never nabbed the role. Did I not look like the waitress type? Ok wait...don't answer that. I get that there's some sort of Tori Spelling joke there and I'll just move on. Dean says first he saw a bright light (our camera man Mario) and then he looked blankly at me, shocked wondering what was happening. Had Access Hollywood appeared out of nowhere to ask, "Dean McDermott--fans want to know...Why salmon in a steakhouse?" Ok I gotta let this one go! But then it was ME! SURPRISE! Ok, pat on the back, I officially GOT him! Ashton Kutcher would be proud! Dean was beyond excited. I told Paul Sorvino I was a big fan and loved his daughter Mira. I admire how she has 3 kids, a great marriage, and is a full time working mom! Dean and I went back to the hotel to snuggle with the kids.I got to bring the kids to the set of Santa Baby 2. Dean said it would be fun for them because they had created an elaborate Santa's workshop with trees, lights, toys, and real elves (well, real actors playing real elves). I was excited to see Jenny McCarthy. I had met her once at an autism charity event she hosted and she was sweet and said she loved my HSN jewelry. Dean had already been working with her for a while and said the two of us would hit it off. Apparently we both were sweet and had that ballsy wild funny side. I guess that's the side of me I prefer to call quirky? The kids were in awe of the set and Liam just kept pointing at the Xmas trees all decorated and saying "Christmas" over and over. Buggy was just fascinated by all the colors and lights. Jenny and I ended up spending some time together. I picked her brain on the controversy over whether or not to give your child vaccines. Everyone has an opinion and theory, as does Jenny, and hers makes sense. When she told me that her son Evan started showing signs of autism after he had an intense seizure, I explained to her that when Liam was almost 15 months he had a fibrial seizure as well and I had thought I was gonna lose him. Nonetheless, she's passionate about her son and his wellbeing and passionate about helping others who deal with autism. When she talks to you about it, it never sounds preachy. It sounds like a mom who almost lost her son and wants to share her experience and research with other moms to bring awareness about autism. I liked her passion for family and liked her A LOT! Dean got to meet Jim Carrey during a kissing scene he had with Jenny. Odd timing, but I think Jim Carrey is a comedic genius and Dean would have loved to meet him. Since I know Jenny liked my jewelry, I brought her sample cuffs, necklaces, and earrings that I thought she might like and would look amazing on her. She seemed psyched. Yes I just said psyched. Dorky? But hey, in fashion terms if what old is new again then why can't what's geek now be chic? And it's all about the confidence in how you say something anyway.I was so proud watching my Hot Hubby do his thing on set...mac down with Jenny McCarthy and set some elves straight! He's so talented and funny. I love when he's given physical comedy to do cause he excels at it. Ok I'll put down the boy brag pen and carry on. I loved watching him on set but longed to do something very Calgary. As usual, men and women have different ideas. I immediately did some research and came up with The Children's Science Museum. Dean, on the other hand, spouted out ... dog Sledding! Ughhh, why did I have to marry the ultimate adventure guy!?! Cause he looks good in all those silly outfits they make you wear as protection while you're embarking on a sport that may take you if you can't take IT. So, we compromised. We went dog sledding. Don't get me wrong... I love dogs, I live for dogs, I own dogs, and I belong to many animal rescue charity foundations. But dog sledding? How fast do these dogs go? What if they drive angry? What's the signal to a dog for "stop", "I'm scared", or "excuse me I just pissed myself." Luckily, I didn't have to use any of those catch phrases because I was actually ok once we started. Petrified at first, but being covered in blankets and cuddling little monkey (who loved it) between my legs made it seem exciting and not as fast as I had worried the dogs would go. The snow capped mountain backdrop was INSANE! Insanely beautiful. Dean drove our sled...STUD! It was no shocker he was good at it. I'd be worried except I'm pretty sure there's no dog sledding allowed down Hollywood Boulevard. We had a great family excursion and great memories, and hey, another thing to add to my belt of adventures I've tried even though I was scared!We also went to The Children's Science Museum. I was really excited to take the kids there. It was an entire kids play land and I got the opportunity to view life and new adventures through their tiny eyes. It was amazing until lunch when Buggy had an incident. She choked and literally I thought my heart stopped. Luckily as a parent, your instincts go into overdrive and you react quickly. She was ok but it was a truly scary moment. Then, it was time to go home. Sad T. But at least I knew Dean would be home soon. Ah Ha! A chance at another surprise. That's right...the kids and I would go to LAX and pick him up. I could make a welcome home sign! The wheels started turning again...have I mentioned I love planning?

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