They still love each other.

When I found out that Candy's book was being released around the same time as Mommywood, I knew the media's focus would turn from Tori's experiences as a new mommy to her strained relationship with her mother. My biggest concern was that the press surrounding the releases would drive them even further apart since their only form of communication lately has been through what they read in the news or magazines. This lack of direct communication is obviously a huge part of the problem. I knew that this situation would only add more fuel to the fire. Obviously, my hope is that Tori and her mom reconcile one day. I know that despite everything that's happened, they still love each other, and on some level want to be in each other's lives. The press has only focused on the negative, but having known Tori for quite some time now, there are aspects of their mother/daughter relationship that she misses and values. Personally, I have a great relationship with my mother. She's more than a mother to me -- she's become my friend. Ultimately, I want Tori to experience some, if not all, of the strength and inspiration I draw from that bond.Switching gears a little bit, the Little Maven shoot was long and eventful, for lack of better words. Stella was a natural! You get her in front of the cameras and she just lights up and takes over. She's gorgeous and got her shots right away. I predict a successful career in fashion for her. Liam was a different story. Don't get me wrong -- he's as gorgeous as ever, but he wasn't having it that day. In his defense, he was a little sick and hadn't slept properly the night before, but the terrible twos really came out that day. Overall, the results were great! Our Little Mavens, Liam and Stella, really brought the designs to life and represented what the brand is about -- fun and chicness!

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