Tori always says that the show must go on.

Dean's accident gave us all a real scare! Even though he always assured Tori (and the rest of us) that the track is the safest place to ride (or to crash), the accident still brought Tori's deepest fears and concerns to a head. It made the sense of risk and fatality she associates with the sport even more tangible. It hit too close to home and made her start to think about the worst-case scenarios.Also, I think Tori had reached a point where she no longer felt comfortable speaking to Dean about all of this. She had voiced her concerns many times, but it always became a point of contention with no resolution in sight. I know she doesn't want to be the wife who forces her husband to give up something he's so passionate about, but I also know she won't be able to function on a daily basis wracked with anxiety and fear about her husband's well-being due to his hobby.I thought it would help Dean understand the gravity of the situation and the effects it was having on his wife and their relationship if I spoke to him. I generally do not like to interfere, but it was getting to point where I could see a distance growing between them. Dean and Tori are madly in love with each other, and ultimately, love is about understanding, which often goes hand-in-hand with compromise. In every relationship, you have to give up certain things in order to nurture that love. In the end, I just wanted to express to Dean how important he his to his family, and to try to help him better understand Tori's perspective. Switching gears a bit, Liam's birthday festivities turned out to be chock full of fun! In fact, they turned out to be double the fun... literally. Tori always says that the show must go on, and a party when the guest of honor is too sick to make it is no exception to this rule. I actually think it was the right decision to make. All the festivities and activities had been planned, so it turned out to be a wonderful day for all the kids. Plus, when Liam was feeling better, we got to share his birthday with him at a second party. Translation: I basically got to see the Jumpitz perform twice in one week. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet! ;)

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