Tori and Dean are very supportive

By permanenteditor
The "Guncles" are glad to back at our blog this week... "The Last House on the Left" premiere was a very special and exciting event for us. Scout enjoyed casting the movie, especially because it's the remake of Wes Craven's very first movie... It was an incredible honor. Tori and Dean are very supportive of their close friends and when Bill got word from Tori about the surprise, he knew it'd be such a nice shock for Scout when she and Mehran showed up! And what a surprise it was! Also, knowing Tori's passion and love for horror films made Scout very excited that they could share the experience of watching it for the very first time together.Tori and Mehran seemed to really enjoy the movie. Bill, of course, had to close his eyes and even get up and leave for a scene... He is a big, scared baby sometimes! Scout hopes that he can someday cast a movie that includes working with his two favorite actors... Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott! Be sure to follow us on Twitter - @billhornwohi & @scoutmasterson Until next week... Stay tuned!!!! The "Guncles"Bill + Scout
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