Tori did the right thing

I think Tori did the right thing by inviting her mother to Stella's birthday. That said, I don't think a party (on camera) would be the best setting for mother and daughter to reunite. I firmly believe that the reconciliation process should be a private one. Despite a few hitches at the beginning, I think the Little Maven fashion show turned out really well. I was a bit panicked in the morning when I got to the house and everything was in a state of disarray. When we found out that the backdrop would not make it in time, I really started to get nervous. Fortunately, we had some existing marketing collateral and the team was able to really pull it together to turn out an incredibly fun and chic fashion show. I do think that Tori needs to reconsider the number of projects she attempts to juggle at once. Even though she's a natural producer and great multi-tasker, she needs to remember that having too much on her plate could ultimately affect the quality of her output, not to mention wear her down to the bone.

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