Tori's been helping us prepare for parenting

By permanenteditor
The "Guncles" (aka "Bill & Scout"...aka "Gay Uncles") are so excited to be back blogging again!Although we love spending time with Deano (we adore him!), when he goes out of town for work we usually get to spend more time with Tori and the kids. She feels more comfortable and safe with men around the house, plus it means more time with Stella and Liam AND more family dinners! "Guncle" time with the kids is great practice for us. We need to experience the challenges of putting a newborn down for a nap, late night/early morning feedings and the occasional "terrible twos" temper tantrums. We want to enter our own parenting experience with our eyes wide open.We try to help be a support system for Tori when Dean's out of town. Their life is A LOT to balance... the kids, the house, the dogs and very busy careers. So when Dean isn't around she often looks to us for help. As a true friend, she's been there to hold our hands through anything we've ever needed, and of course we love to offer back any support and help we can. Lately she's been helping us prepare for parenting - advice (tips and how to's), teaching us how to make her homemade baby foods (we hope she'll whip up a few batches for our baby after he or she has arrived!) and even a recommendation letter to the potential adoptive mothers. It feels great to be such a special part of Tori's life. We love her and are very proud of the woman, mother and friend she has become over the past 7+ years that we've known her. We find comfort in knowing we can enjoy quiet time spent together - a nice afternoon swimming with the kids and laying poolside reading the various gossip magazines followed by a home cooked dinner... Now that's our perfect "wild" day together!As for that now infamous Winter Wonderland party... Big picture... We thought it was amazing! Yes, it did pour rain for several days leading up to it. Yes, when we arrived the mud was (literally) ankle deep. But, thanks to our quick thinking, and from Scout's growing up in farm country Pennsylvania, we knew that tossing down some hay would help with that looming mud issue. Did it look like the perfect vision of snow-fabulousness that Tori had dreamed up in her mind? We're sure NOT! But, we knew the most important thing was that the kids from the Ronald McDonald House had fun, and they had A BLAST! Many of the kids had never seen snow and the idea of sledding in someone's Southern California backyard was like a dream come true for them. Tori is a perfectionist with executing her ideas from paper to life and so with the weather situation, she just had to roll with the punches a bit. Honestly, she takes on too much sometimes and her heart is so big. She just wanted everything to be perfect for the kids and guests. The Jumpitz kids group was the icing on the cake. Everyone (kids big and small) loved their performance! So at the end of the day, the Winter Wonderland Party was a total success. The kids had fun... and so did The "Guncles"! Lot's of Love - The "Guncles" Bill & Scout
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