We are the The "Guncles" aka "Gay Uncles"

The "Guncles" (aka "Bill & Scout" aka "Gay Uncles") are so excited to be writing our first blog. We love Liam and Stella so much -- as though they're our own children and we feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. Plus, they're always teaching US something new! Both kids are growing up so fast. It's almost unbelievable when we look at our photo album at pictures from just a few months ago and see how much they've grown. We're excited for Stella to start walking around and to chase after her too (Liam is already quite the runner!)... We can work off a few of those extra pounds!Surprising Tori in San Diego for the Mother Goose Parade was fun! Tori usually senses when we're up to something (and surprise parties are almost impossible... just ask Dean!), but we could tell by the look on her face that she was truly surprised...and relieved!!!! We were happy to be able to go and be by her side. Needless to say, riding ON the float wasn't something we'd expected. When we arrived at the parade and Tori saw that she'd be sitting up on that huge float by herself, we could see the anxiety grow in her eyes. The crowd was huge and we knew she was slightly afraid of being up there all alone as all of those strange eyes were peering up at her. As soon as a quick thinking parade volunteer had literally BOLTED a plastic white lawn chair to the mega float, we jumped right up and rode along with her! Hey... at least she got a seat! And just like Tori, at first we were anxious about the prospect of traveling 5 blocks on a float, (which btw turned out to be 5 MILES..."someone" miscalculated that little detail) but the crowd knew Tori, not us. We were just the two strange gay guys cheering and waving at the crowd like it was a Gay Pride Parade and Tori was our queen. The fact that we were doing it together turned out to actually be the fun part. All of the anxiety and fear melted away, and the fact that we got to ride together just made the experience all that more fun.Which brings us to another very important topic... Tori's never-ending workload!!!! We both have been after her to just slow it down a bit. She's constantly working... from the moment she wakes up until (and during) the time she lays in bed to sleep. Work, work, WORK!! Tori can feed Stella with one hand, design clothes with the other, and close a business deal with the other. Yes, Tori Spelling has three hands when it comes to balancing family and work life... And please don't ask where she hides that 3rd hand.We miss the days when she was pregnant (Hint, Hint - for the 3rd... and give the baby to us!) and her body encouraged her to go a bit slower. We would sometimes just laying around, watching movies and cooking fabulous dinners (always included with lots of cheese and some sort of pasta!). We miss those days! Although, don't get us wrong, we are EXTREMELY PROUD of all of her accomplishments and growing businesses... She's quite the work machine! We'd love to see her take a month... or two... off to just relax and enjoy spending each full day with the kids. Also, we do worry with her busy schedule that she's not getting enough rest and not allowing her body to relax and rejuvenate. So for now, we'll just keep working on her to take off that month and the minute she does... The "Guncles" will be at her doorstep with our old familiar friends from pregnancy... Lasagna, Mac & Cheese, Quiche...and a few movies! :)Lots of Love,The "Guncles" Bill & Scout

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