We chose open adoption as our route.

By permanenteditor
The "Guncles" (aka - Bill & Scout) have been excited for this episode to air... mostly because we've been anxiously waiting to share our news with everyone! Tori and Dean (well, let's not blame Dean)... Tori has a knack for turning kids' parties into full-blown events, as you know. Let's not forget Liam's first birthday extravaganza last season! Yes (fine!) we'll admit that we don't help the cause by tossing out outrageous idea after outrageous idea! But, Tori's sense of style and creative thinking truly comes to life in the form of an amazing party. The only snag in this year's big car theme soiree was that Liam woke up with a fever the morning of the party. When we arrived at the house to hear the congestion in his chest, it just broke our hearts. Poor Monkey! He had this dream birthday party waiting for him and knowing how much fun he would have there and also knowing that he was way too sick to go just brought a tear to our eyes.Of course after Tori and Dean made the final decision that afternoon that Liam was not well enough to go and that he had to stay home in bed, our first reaction was to take Stella. We hoped they wouldn't mind because we really wanted to take her, spend some quality "Buggy"-time with her, and let her get in on the party FUN even if Liam couldn't. We've been thinking for quite a while about starting a family of our own, and taking Stella to the party was a great way to have a trial run with an almost one year old! Well, the party was A LOT of fun. Tori had done it again! Total success!! AND we were great with Stella. It's those darn runny boogers that are the trickiest to get! Arriving at the McDermott house with the Chinese take-out (it wasn't THAT bad, Dean), we were anxious to share our baby and ceremony plans with Tori and Dean. We've been discussing our desire to adopt, but until this point we hadn't officially started the process. Upon researching the different adoption avenues, we chose "open adoption" as our route. We find open adoption to be a really amazing opportunity for the child to have a relationship with his/her birth mom throughout their lives. After researching several agencies, we chose the extraordinary IAC (Independent Adoption Center) and took our first meeting with them. (Check out our visit to the IAC here!)Also, although we've been together for well over 7 years, we really wanted to share our commitment to one another with a ceremony attended by family and close friends, especially because we're starting a family of our own (due to "Prop 8" we can't be legally "married." Sad, but true!) We knew that when we told Tori and Dean of our commitment ceremony plans, they'd want to help us out by getting it all together (after all, who better to turn to than Tori: Queen of Parties). Plus, they are our "family." We know better than anyone that one's family comes in all different shapes and sizes. We couldn't imagine Tori and Dean not being a BIG part of our special day. Stay tuned to see what happens... Share The Guncles everyday lives via Twitter: @scoutmasterson @billhornwohi Lot's of Love - The "Guncles" Bill & Scout
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