He loved everything his mom did.

By permanenteditor
When Tori started planning Liam’s third birthday party, I was of course a little skeptical. I thought she was going to go completely overboard and make things too stressful for herself. I was partially right, she did go a little overboard! But that’s T! What I was wrong about was how well she handled the situation. Even when things got stressful and while we were frantically trying to get ready the night before, she kept her cool. Her spirits were really high and I think it was partly because she had a no-fuss customer, Monkey! He loved everything his mom did, and she knew she could give this party her own little flair.

I thought my audition went well, and although I was really disappointed I didn’t get the part, it was okay. I’m okay with rejection. You have to have a tough skin in order to succeed in this business. If anything, seeing how much I wanted this part gave me more drive to go for bigger, better parts in the future.

When Patsy agreed to ride my bike with me, I was seriously psyched. For her to actually do it was so exciting. I think she really enjoyed herself, and I enjoyed hearing her laugh and scream the entire way! It’s fun to take someone out of their element, I just wish T would come out with me more.

The only reason I got upset about so many people coming to the party was that I didn’t want it to be too stressful on us. But once the day actually came, it wasn’t as many people as I thought it was! It was actually a really fun party, and I really enjoyed seeing the kids have a blast in the obstacle course I built. I was glad when Tori’s mom showed up, it really meant a lot to have her there. I know it made T so happy to show her mom all the party planning things she has learned from her over the years. And it was good for the kids to have their grandma there! Overall, I am extremely proud of Tori and the way she made this party happen. It was a party unlike any others we’ve had, and a great way to kick off Liam’s third year.


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