I loved surprising Tori with the kids at Chateau LaRue.

SCOUTWhen Dean asked Bill and I to watch the kids while he and Tori went away for the weekend we were excited. We love to watch the kids. So when Dean asked us to stay with them while they went away for the weekend... We were super excited!When Tori and Dean dropped the kids off at our house before they left for their romantic weekend getaway, it was very quiet. I always think it's best for a parent to sneak out of the house rather than have the child get all upset. It's a win-win situation.We absolutely LOVE our new IKEA kitchen. It's a cook's dream come true. We used their easy design computer stations in the store and quickly mapped it out and did the design. Plus, it was a lot of fun for us as a couple. And FINALLY I got my dream stove with the big burner in the middle! A designer friend of ours stopped by, and couldn't believe that we did the entire kitchen at IKEA. She said it's better than a lot of super pricey kitchen remodels she's done and especially their organization materials for the cabinets. We're beyond excited to throw our first dinner party!I got very emotional being alone with Liam and Stella because I love them so much and making the pizzas reminded me of something I hope I can someday do with our own child. It's so much fun. Emotions run high because we're just so ready to be parents and we hope that it happens soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When we watch with kids, my favorite part is meal time and baths. I love the bonding time during meals. Bath time is super fun because they both love to splash around in the water so much. And Liam helps Stella out too. They're adorable.I loved surprising Tori with the kids at Chateau LaRue. I knew Tori would be beyond excited that the kids could experience being at the inn with them. Liam spent a lot of time there as a small child, and I knew that she wanted to just experience that all again with both Liam and Stella. It's a great place for kids to run around and see the parts of nature that they don't get to see here in L.A. Such a great weekend all around!*The IKEA kitchen was supplied to the Guncles at no cost.BILLIt was so great of Dean and Tori to be part of Pico Unit. We were happy to do our part by watching the kids. They calmed downeventually. We loved that Dean asked us to watch the kids. Any excuse is a good excuse to hang out with them. Plus it's good practice! We LOVE our new kitchen! IKEA, who knew?! Then again, it's sleek and super functional, so it shouldn't surprise me that a kitchen from IKEA would turn out so great. We couldnt be happier. This roller coaster of trying to become parents makes both Scout and I so emotional. We both have our breaking points and that moment when Scout started crying was one of his. We just support each other and talk through it. It will happen soon for us I can feel it! I do love bath time with the kids. There's no TV or food to distract them...or to distract us. It's probably my favorite time with them. But bath time is murder on my middle-aged knees. Need one of those foam pads for sure!!! It was so fun to go to Chateau LaRue and surprise Tori after Dean proposed (again). It was fun for us, but more importantly it fun for Tori and Dean because they got to share that special moment with their kids. They love those little rug rats so much.and so do we! *The IKEA kitchen was supplied to the Guncles at no cost.

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