I thought she was going to kill me!

When I went to get my MRI results back I was really hoping for the best. I was hoping for the doctor to just say, "Everything came back and it's just a bruise! You can ride again in a week!" Well, that didn't happen. When he told me that he had "good news" I thought it was going to be that I could race! But the good news was that I didn't have to have surgery. That is really good news actually, but not the news I was hoping for! I guess I'm lucky, things could have been much worse.

When I told T that I'd be out of commission for six weeks I thought she was going to kill me! I felt like she was angry, but what could I do about it? Like I said, I was lucky and just thankful that I wasn't hurt worse. I know she was too, but she was just frustrated that with all the things coming up that I wouldn’t be able to help out as much.

Tori has been super stressed about Brandy's wedding, and rightfully so, because she was basically doing absolutely everything.

Designing it, organizing it, seating, flowers, fabric—you name it, she did it! She really went in over her head, but also did a wonderful job and made Brandy so emotional and happy when the day actually came. When Mehran and I talked, it was nice, because I feel like he gets to see a whole other side of Tori that I'll never see, and it's good to get his perspective on how she is feeling. It gives me a whole other understanding.

Seeing Brandy and Duane so happy at their wedding made me think of T and I at our own wedding. That's why when we were in the spa, I told her that I wanted to be back at that place emotionally when we first got married. When we made the new list, we put down all different things this time, and included some of the old ones that were good to have on there, like "don't go to bed mad" which is always a good rule of thumb in any relationship. I think little steps like this are what Tori and I need to get back on track.


We think you might enjoy the cake tasting for Brandy's wedding, here.

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