I was excited to drive across country.

By permanenteditor
I agreed to helping Tori redecorate Patsys house because I love helping Tori with her projects, especially decorating and cooking. Our home is decorated very chic, but on a strict budget. I'd like to think we did a pretty amazing job. I was excited to drive across country. VERY EXCITED! I'd never been cross-country in an RV. Only once from Pennsylvania to Virginia as a child. Most of all I was looking forward to the adventure. Also, spending quality time with Tori, Dean and the kids. Being in an RV together is a very bonding experience. Some people may say I brought a lot of stuff on the road trip, and well, I have to admit... I ALWAYS over pack! It's one of my "issues". I can go away for a night and carry 4-5 pairs of sneakers.For redecorating Patsys house, we wanted to bring lots of color into the rooms. Patsy is a very vibrant woman. So her house should reflect her personality.On the road trip I skipped out on the shoe tree (to stay with the kids) and the Cadillac cemetery (because, well... you saw the weather!). I absolutely loved the ostrich farm. It was one of my all time favorite moments in life. I was terrified to feed the ostrich by hand. Terrified! But wanted to try it
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