I'm Getting Married Again!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate our love and our growth as a couple.I'm getting married again! That's all that was going through my head. Dean and I have had a rough year, and our disconnect forced us to go back to square one and learn to communicate again. This journey has had its up and downs but we feel like we've come out ok on the other end. This being said, I can't think of a better way to celebrate our love and our growth as a couple then renewing our vows. Glad he asked me to marry him (again)!

We got married alone in Fiji the first time but this time we really wanted our friends and family surrounding us. They've been such an amazing support system the last 4 years. The best part of our vow renewal is that Liam and Stella were there by our sides. They are the greatest gift created by our love.

I knew instantly the vision for the wedding. I wanted it outdoors overlooking all of LA. LA personifies the love and life we've created together so I wanted it to be our backdrop. I found a chic house to rent that had an amazing view! I also knew I wanted the color scheme to be canary yellow, charcoal grey, black and white. I chose canary yellow while at Chateau La Rue on our weekend getaway. We had painted the dining room canary yellow and I thought it would be the perfect "pop" color. It's also the color I chose for the cover of my 3rd book "uncharted terriTORI" which comes out June 15th. It's really one of my favorite colors.

Our family life at home is so important to me that I wanted to bring the indoor OUT. The idea was to make the outside feel like a chic living room area; I even set up a faux wall with all our family photos that hang in our family room! I wanted to use our yellow "pop" color to create art like installations that spoke to each of our passions! For Dean, I painted a vintage motorcycle (thanks Craigslist!) yellow and had a display case of yellow painted scuba gear.
For myself, I made an acrylic clear box pyramid of yellow heels (mama loves her shoes!) and a display case of vintage yellow Bakelite jewelry. I also bought a cheap haggard ping-pong table, (Craigslist again), for the guests to play with and painted it yellow.

I wanted our guests to experience an array of our favorite foods. These include truffles, not the chocolate kind, and sushi. We had a truffle bar with 3 foods served, each of which incorporated truffle oil and shaved truffles. We also had a sushi bar with our favorites, yellowtail and albacore belly, served various ways. For dinner, we had small plates passed of short ribs, vegetable lasagna and miso sea bass, which are 3 of our favorite entrees. There was a champagne and vodka bar with 5 natural syrup flavors that could be mixed into a cocktail. One of these syrups was elderflower, which I love! Limonata soda bottles were passed on trays with canary yellow straws in them (from Ikea). We also had a Fijian man preparing kava for guests as they knelt on pillows from Urban Outfitters. Kava is an herbal Fijian drink mixed and served in coconut shells or a giant communal kava bowl.* Lastly, there was an amazing dessert table set up in our color scheme and a little table, aka vintage office, set up near it with an antique typewriter and a Polaroid camera. Guests could type out wishes to us and then take a Polaroid to accompany it. Next to the Polaroid sat a jar of canary yellow paper clips.

For the actual ceremony I knew I wanted the 4 of us to be together. The sun was setting and as homage to our original wedding, I made a yellow lacquered sand box for Dean and I to stand in. I had my beauty Stella walk me out to Dean and Liam.
Together we read our original vows only heard by the 2 of us four years ago. Reading them in front of our family and friends I felt back in the moment, a moment of excitement, wonderment, and mad passionate love. 4 years had passed and a lot had changed but I knew 1 thing for sure... I'm deeply in love with Dean. He, and now Liam and Stella, are my FOREVER!

We couldn't wait to take some time off and go on our Family-Moon to Turks and Caicos! Who knows, maybe that's where Baby #3 will happen...

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*From Oxygen: The FDA advises persons with liver problems, or who are taking drugs that can affect the liver, to consult a doctor before using kava-containing supplements.

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