Im really saddened by Uncle Dannys passing.

I never thought that I’d be hosting a wedding with my wife’s other husband. But there I was with Mehran getting misty-eyed in front of a lovely couple that I had just met! It made me think of T and the kids, and how much my life has changed since our big day. When it comes down to it, I want to be there for T and the kids. They are my first priority. So I didn't even think twice about cancelling my Vegas trip to be there for T during this difficult time.

I wasn’t really angry with Mehran at the party, I was just disappointed my friends weren't socializing with my cast mates. I came off a little serious when all along Mehran and I were joking. It's something we do and it went too far. In the end, I was really happy that they threw this party for me. They really worked hard and made the party fun. I love seeing the final product of what I do. It inspires me to want to act more. I hope I can achieve that this year. No matter what I tell myself, I really do miss acting.

After Tori got sick and she got the news about her uncle, it was my job to step in and really take charge of the situation. I had no problem going to the photo shoot with the kids and Scout and Mehran. It was fun. I just didn’t want Tori to get out of bed! That was the only thing I wanted, but she had to try and be super woman and make an appearance. We were all pretty frustrated with her, as we just wanted her to get better!

The day on the beach was just fantastic. I'm really saddened by his passing because I was just getting to know Uncle Danny and he was such a fantastic guy. The news of his passing was so sudden and shocking, especially for T. She felt so close to him, especially after the passing of her father. The day at the beach was all about love, family, and honoring Uncle Danny. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to a great, great man.


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