It got our adrenaline going.

I love that T&D are challenging each other. I really believe that in order to grow, one needs to step out of his/her comfort zone. It's a great way for them to connect and grow together.

As long as Dean balances his hobby with family and career, I'm all for it. It's what he loves to do, so I think the motorcycle magazine interview is a great opportunity. I'm glad Tori is being more supportive. She's accepting that motorcycling is here to stay and that they need to make it work.

Tori and I have our most productive meeting when she's getting hair or make-up done because she's held captive in a chair with minimal distractions so we can get the job done. Love the new cut...very modern and chic! And no more extensions required.

I think what T and I learned from the haunted hospital visit is that we're both thrill seekers at heart. It was scary, but it got our adrenaline going. We both love a challenge and would love to do it again.

Going to the zoo with the kids was great. I loved seeing their reactions to the animals. That just made it so much more enjoyable. I love Liam's comment about the snakes tickling his hair and…what an imagination! I think the kids loved feeding the giraffes. It was cool but kind of gross because their tongues are so long and wet.

I suggested date night for Tori and Dean because it just seemed like a great opportunity for the two of them to spend some quality time together alone, since Scout and I were there to take care of the kids. The date night kind of backfired. Tori was totally distracted and texting throughout the night to check on the kids. I didn't think that was fair to Dean who has been trying to make such an effort. Tori needs to do her part now and be present.


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