It's been 4 amazing years!

By permanenteditor
Tori and I had such a wonderful time on our romantic weekend getaway. We really felt reconnected after the trip, so I was especially looking forward to our renewal of vows.

I can’t believe how quickly the kids are growing up before our very eyes. It’s a little sad to me because soon Liam and Stella will no longer be our little babies. But it’s all a part of life and being a parent. T and I finally decided that Liam was ready for a “big boy bed.” When we asked him, he enthusiastically said, “YES!” and specifically asked for a Spiderman theme. Although we ultimately didn’t go with old Spidey, I think our substitution more than impressed our little man. Liam totally loved his new firetruck bed—I mean, how could you not? Even I wanted to sleep in that thing! It came with all the bells and whistles that would entertain a “big boy” until he’s pooped and ready to go straight to bed. No more asking for chicken nuggets right before bed so he can stay up longer!

I’m glad that I stuck to the “contract” that Tori and I created and left the decorating of the family room up to her and James. I had other things to tackle anyways…like my career. I plan to focus on my career so that I can actually achieve my goals and not just dream about them. I ended up getting a call about a job that I was so jazzed about: doing a Father’s Day special for TV Guide! I was honored that they chose me to represent today’s modern dad. I can only hope that I live up to that title in real life. Tori was so happy for me too, and there’s nothing better than making my wife proud.

T and I got a little nostalgic going through our old wedding photos. I mean, it’s been 4 amazing years! So much has happened during that time, but through the ups and downs, our bond has just grown stronger and stronger. We were so excited to be able to include Liam and Stella into our vows and have them be a big part of the ceremony. I absolutely love the fact that Tori incorporated elements from our original wedding into this renewal ceremony, right down to the beachy theme and sandboxes for us to stand in. On that day, everything just fell into place, and it was so great to include our family and friends this time around. When I had the first dance with Tori, everyone and everything around us disappeared, and for that moment, all I saw was T and all the things I love about her.

It was just the icing on the cake when the Guncles told us the great news that they were finally going to be adopting! They will be the best parents ever, and now we will have to live up to their standards of being the best babysitters.

And now…on to Turks and Caicos!


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