Love is the ultimate dream.

By permanenteditor
I love parties. I love love. So you blend those two together and ya got yourself a wedding planner! When my dear friend and makeup artist Brandy asked me to help her plan her wedding I was honored and excited! I didn't anticipate though what a tough task it would actually be planning a wedding for your friend. I felt so much pressure because the last thing I wanted to do was not execute her vision properly and let her down. But at the same time my mind was on another delicate relationship... My own.

Dean and I were going through a lot and it felt odd to suddenly shift gears and go right into wedding planning mode. But I made a commitment to Brandy and I knew I had to and wanted to follow through.

James, my friend and set designer, and I always plan parties together. We often joke about starting an event planning business. Well not really joking... I'd love to start one. We design well together. I loved the color palette Brandy chose... Lime green or kiwi as we said, hot pink, black and white.

It was hard for her to make decisions. When she couldn't make decisive decisions it was hard for me to execute her dream wedding. Then when I heard that it was gonna be 70% chance of rain I panicked. I always told her it would never rain on her wedding day. But, when I got the news I had to go into save the day mode. We had to tent the event, which actually ended up being amazing! And she still got her princess moment of entering the tent before it STORMED! She looked and felt amazing, I thought... Mission accomplished on my part. I was so happy to give my friend the wedding vision of her dreams. I felt proud. I really want to do more weddings.

Love is the ultimate dream. It made me realize that Dean and I need to find our way back to that. He's my soulmate and he's worth the work involved in making a relationship work and therefore grow. I'm up for the task. And, as my partner Dean is ready too to do the work. We look forward to rebirth and growth together.


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