Perfection runs in this group!

By permanenteditor

When I first heard about Dean’s shoulder, I thought to myself “Oh no, not again” and then I thought about how Tori was going to react. His first big accident was more than a year ago, but it might as well have been yesterday in her mind. When we spent time with Dean right after the accident, Scout and I could see how much pain he was in. And since Dean’s really hands-on with Liam and Stella, this meant Tori had her hands full taking care of the whole family.

Tori loves to plan all types of events, but weddings are near and dear to her heart. Not sure why – maybe because she’s a hopeless romantic!

If Tori had her way, Patsy would be around 24/7. Patsy has a way of calming T down and she helps keep her focused. She’s a second mom to Tori in many ways.

I would consider planning a wedding if I had the time! I know how much work they are, and would only want to plan them if I could throw 100% of myself into getting the job done perfectly. Perfection runs in this group!


We felt terrible when we heard that Dean's shoulder was broken. Dean's a very active guy and we knew it would be very frustrating for him to not have use of his arm. With Dean having use of only one arm, we knew it would add stress to Tori’s day to day life. The kids love when Dean plays with them, and when he carries them around. It's a tough thing to have small children and have an accident occur which limits what you can and can't do physically.

Tori loves to plan weddings because it feeds her creative hunger. Her head is full of ideas and planning an event allows her to execute those ideas into a reality.

Tori loves when Patsy is around. She finds great comfort in having her close by. Plus, we all love it when Patsy cooks!

We love to plan... weddings, showers, birthdays. It's all fun! Scout especially loves the creative part of party planning and decor. We also enjoy creating food menus and drink combinations. We always have fabulous specialty drinks at our parties.


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