She has a habit of taking on too much.

By permanenteditor
I thought the artwork for “Presenting…Tallulah” was amazing. It was kind of surreal to see ourselves illustrated as little kids. What could be more fun than seeing little Tallulah aka Tori, Max aka Mehi, and Mimi having adventures together for all children to enjoy?

For the most part, Tori's great at multi-tasking and wearing different hats. But she has a habit of taking on too much, which often leaves her physically and emotionally drained. Tori and I trust each other implicitly and have an incredibly deep bond. I think it's just comforting to be around each other when we're going through provides a sense of security. I also just listen to her and let her talk through what she's feeling and what she's going through. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to cry on.

In situations involving both Tori and Dean, I just try to listen to both sides and communicate the key issues to them. They're both so emotionally charged that all they need is someone rational (and who they trust) to hear them out and facilitate the dialogue.

For anyone who is stressed and having trouble balancing things like Tori was, I would advise him/her to choose the 2-3 projects that they're most passionate about and focus on them. If you take on too much, all your projects and relationships will suffer as a result.

I get that Dean’s passionate about motorcycle racing, but I do feel like it's a bit irresponsible to pursue such a high risk sport when he's got three kids and a wife to think about. That said, he's an adult and he's fully aware of the choices he's making, and if he feels that it's safe, then I have to trust him.


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