Sometimes you need things to shake you up.

I was completely jazzed when I saw my new trailer and bike. I couldn’t believe that the company could put so much faith and energy into my riding. It was flattering, exciting, and really encouraging.

It just made me want to race more. I was so excited to get to the race that no one could tell me to slow down. I guess I was a little too excited though, and during practice, I crashed.

When I went to the hospital, I was in so much pain! I just didn’t want to move. I was sure that with every hit I took into the pavement, another bone was being broken. I wanted to make sure I was okay before I even thought about getting on the bike again. But once I was cleared to leave by the doctors, I felt I’d be okay to race. I was determined to at least have a shot. Through all of this I kept thinking if T found out, she’d be so upset that I raced even after I crashed.

When I came back to the track and saw that Tori wasn’t there, I was upset, but also kind of relieved because I didn’t want to have to explain my injuries to her just yet. I wanted to find the right time, where I could tell her that I hid it from her so she wouldn’t worry, not for any other reason.

Instead of my master plan, things got messed up when I met up with T at the press event. Tori saw my sling while we were in front of tons of cameras and interviewers. I felt so bad. She was trying to cover up how upset she was, and I knew it, which made the night even worse. When we got home, I knew things were about to get intense. We couldn’t avoid this conversation and unfortunately it had to happen this way. I told her the reasons for keeping my crash and injury a secret, but because of the way she found out, none of my reasons seemed genuine. Honestly, I had T’s best interest at heart—I just didn’t want her to worry.

Our argument at least had a good outcome. When Tori expressed how she felt to me, it made me realize how I need to reevaluate some things in my life, and that Tori is always there to help. She’s my biggest support, and she always looks out for me. I love my family, and they are number one in my life. I’ll never forget that. Sometimes you need things to shake you up because in the end they help you to appreciate what you have.


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