This year's birthday was a total success.

By permanenteditor

Tori did such a great job with Liam's birthday party. She always does, but this year had a really special "home-spun" feel to it. I'd say this year’s birthday was a total success. Liam is at an age where he absolutely LOVES birthday parties and any gathering that involves cake!

It was very special to have Grandma Candy at the party. The kids and family had such a great time with her. She's a lot of fun!

My favorite part of the party was watching Liam run around and play with his friends. He had a big smile on his face the entire day and he melts my heart. And of course, I always enjoy the performance! I even catch myself singing along with them.

I feel so blessed to be a big part of Liam's life. He's such a special, smart and funny kid. For me, it's the first time that I've had such a close friend become a parent, and watching Liam grow up and flourish is an incredible experience. I sometimes think "you were just a little baby yesterday, and now you're such a big boy!!"

Tori thoroughly enjoys the art of party planning. And she's so good at it. I think it's her 2nd (or 3rd, 4th...) calling.


Tori always does an amazing job planning an event, but Liam's 3rd birthday is one of my favorites. First things first...he showed up. Liam has this habit of being sick on his birthday, so this was the first year he's made it to his party on his actual big day. Plus, the party was low-key. Well as low-key as a Tori party can be. Jumpy castle, super heroes, his Candygram...pretty much a perfect day for our little Monkey.

Scout and I are so happy to be part of Liam's life. He's truly an amazing, hysterical little man. While I dread the day he'll be too cool to hang out with his Guncles, I can't wait to see what an amazing young man he's bound to become.


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