Tori has Mehran and us to help her out.

By permanenteditor
We're proud of Dean. Watching him on TV doing press reminds us of how much work he does—not only doing the acting in the film, but days of press and satellite tours. It looks exhausting!

It's tough when spouses have to spend time apart for work. We Guncles don't like to spend any nights apart and know Tori and Dean don't either. When Dean's away, Tori has Mehran and us to help her out, but it's not the same as having her husband there with her. People say it's healthy to spend a night here or there apart. We think it depends on the couple. Some couples like their alone time.

Helping Tori go through her picture boxes was a lot of fun and very emotional for her. She has so many wonderful pictures of memories. I hope that she gets those in scrapbooks right away so she can enjoy them years down the road. The best pictures we found were of her as a child, especially the ones with her Dad in them since he's no longer with us. Photos are priceless.

When Tori found the air-sick bags that she and Dean wrote their promises and wish lists on, she immediately gave them to me to put in her drawer and to share with Dean when he returned. I (of course) had to take a sneak peek. And let's just say I saw some very interesting things written on those bags!

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