Tori remembered why she fell in love with Dean.

By permanenteditor
I think Dean's weekend getaway trip plan for him and Tori was a great idea. It definitely gave them the alone time they needed to reconnect with each other, as well revitalize their relationship. I think Dean's surprises were very thoughtful and took a lot of planning. He's a true romantic and adventurer. I'm extremely proud of Little Maven. Designing a fashion line with my best friend has been an incredible experience and a dream come true for both of us. I've really enjoyed the process.Dean got Tori a trike! I guess he thought she would ride it, realize how safe it is, and advance shortly thereafter to a motorcycle!?! Kudos to Dean for his persistence. Dean surprised Tori with a trip to Chateau LaRue, hot air ballooning, and a cooking class. As I said before, he didn't leave any stone unturned. All the activities he planned, indoor and out, were fun and exciting. Tori is not as much of an outdoor adventurer, but she got to share new experiences with her man which is always a good thing.I think being away from the kids and alone with Dean for a weekend made Tori remembered why she fell in love with Dean, and that working on nurturing her relationship with her husband should be always top priority.I think Tori planning a second wedding for herself and Dean is a fantastic idea. Her friends and family did not attend their first wedding ceremony, so this renewal will allow them to celebrate their love for each other with everyone. Plus it gave Tori and excuse to plan yet another wedding.
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