Toris a very hard worker.

By permanenteditor
Our first thought when we saw that Dean in pain was that he was really badly injured. The look of pain on his face was pretty intense. As a matter of fact, we've never seen Dean hurting that badly. We're just glad that he's ok and that he didn't have any permanent damage. We knew Tori would be upset when she heard about the accident. She gets worried. She's a good wife and mother... it's a natural reaction to have about someone you care about so deeply.

When the race began and Tori still hadn't arrived, we knew she'd be really disappointed. She has a lot of different things in life going on all at once, and the balance between family and work is a difficult one when you're so super busy.

We love Dean so much! We also know how much he enjoys his motorcycle racing and that's why we're always there to support him. Life is dangerous in general. While we personally don't like these types of hobbies (ha!) we understand that he does. He's not choosing this hobby as a way of upsetting anyone - he has the need for speed. He likes to race, and his eyes light up when anyone even mentions the word "motorcycle".

Tori's a very hard worker. We also feel that she should try not to put herself in a situation where so many of her schedules intersect all at once. We'd love to see her take off the entire summer to relax. Or maybe just the month of July to start! If you are as hard of a worker as Tori, you should definitely choose the things that you enjoy the most and do those first. Sometimes in life we need to edit.


For pictures of Tori hard at work, click here.
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