We both accomplished our goals.

By permanenteditor
Did I ever think I would be taking dance lessons in my 40s? Never. But this was honestly the only thing Tori and I could think of that would be challenging and beneficial to my self-esteem. When Tori agreed to go on the ghost hunt, it just made me even more excited. It was fun because we had kind of a competition going on. Both of our greatest fears were going to be realized, and we were going to prove it to each other. Part of being in a relationship is exercising individuality, so this was a great way to do that.

I did great at dance class, and even though I wasn't confident enough to show everyone what I'd learned, I'm going to stick with it until I have that courage! Tori did much better than I thought when it came to the ghost hunt, too. She even wants to go on more ghost tours! I couldn't believe it, and I was proud of her! We both accomplished our goals.

The living room never looked the way we wanted it to, and now that the kids are older, T and I felt we could actually do this. I knew I would have to stay out of the design process, and vowed I wouldn't get in James and Tori's way. Nevertheless, I was excited to participate in the knocking-the-wall-down process. Once the doors were put in, so much light could enter, and the room was literally transformed! It was amazing. I left the rest up to Tori and James like I promised.

When I had dinner with the guys from the new track, they really inspired me to come to a conclusion about my racing that I'd never thought of before. My decision about keeping racing as a hobby but not a main goal came from my devotion as a father and a husband. I really do want to spend as much time as possible with my family, without Tori worrying about me every time I race. Tori was really supportive about this decision, and like I said, I will prove it to her that I mean every word!

Our trip to the San Diego Zoo was a complete blast. We saw every animal in there, and there was not one that Liam didn't go crazy over. What a fun day. I was really proud of Tori and how well she did while she was speaking to open the Polar Bear Plunge exhibit. She gets nervous, but she always does a great job!

It was really nice of Mehran and Scouty to offer to watch the kids while T and I went out to dinner. We had a delicious dinner, but argued a little bit about how Tori was texting Scout about the kids. Even though I was upset and we were arguing, I kept my promise and didn't go to bed angry. Instead of going to sleep without discussing what happened, we talked it through and had a more pleasant night's rest because of it. That's a step in the right direction!


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