We got to spend some quality time with Patsy.

By permanenteditor
The look on Patsy’s face was priceless when she saw what we did to her house for the first time. I knew Tori felt so good doing something this nice for Patsy, because she has been a huge support to her for years. It was great to meet all of Patsy’s family, and the food was fantastic! I ate so much when that we finally sat down, I was too full to even think of driving back. But unfortunately we had to leave sometime, and it was coming quick.

After the Guncles left, me, Tori and the kids got to spend some quality time alone with Patsy. We had a nice, quiet breakfast the next day, and then went shopping. The antique store was fun, the kids had a blast, and Tori got a little carried away! She was happy though, because everything was so cheap. Without the Guncles in the RV there was more room for stuff, and she took advantage of it! I had to do my phone interview for my movie “Always and Forever” so I stepped out and enjoyed the sunlight for a few.

Saying goodbye to Patsy was tough, but we knew our time had to come to an end. I knew I had to get back into my driving mode, so I psyched myself up for it, got some coffee and just went. It was a good ride back, but I kept wishing I could sit down for that feast at Patsy’s over and over again! We did a good job—accomplished what we set out to do, and spent some quality time with Patsy.
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