Mehran on Episode 1: Taking InvenTORI

By permanenteditor

I thought it was a great idea of Tori’s to open the antique store. Tori has amassed quite a collection of antique pieces over the years and this was a perfect way to share her additional “invenTORI.” Plus it’s much more than an antique store! It’s a home décor and lifestyle store which she’s always wanted to open. I thought the photo shoot celebrating the one year anniversary of Little Maven was super fun. I love having Liam and Stella involved. They make it so much more fun. As for Liam acting up during the shoot what can I say? Liam loves his dad. When Tori asked me to help her with the pregnancy test it was like déjà vu! I think it’s great that she’s pregnant. I know they both want a big family and they’re making it happen…one baby at a time.
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