The Guncles on Episode 1: Taking InvenTORI

By permanenteditor
Waiting for Simone to arrive was the most exciting and scariest moment of our lives.Waiting for Simone to arrive was the most exciting and scariest moment of our lives. When we matched with Simone's birth mother, we went with the connection we felt in our hearts. To be honest, we only met her in person just days before the birth. Looks didn't matter to us, although we must say it was an added bonus that Simone and her birth mother are so beautiful! Luckily, we got to be in the delivery room and we witnessed our daughter's birth. A sight and memory we will never forget! A nurse took the most awesome pictures of her literally rising out of her birth mother’s stomach. Seeing Simone for the first time was truly love at first sight. From that moment, we took care of her every need. From the first bath to her very first feedings, being the ambitious dads we are, we never sent Simone off to the nursery to be in the nurses’ care. We weren't missing one moment of her first weeks of life!

Choosing a name was by no means an easy choice for us. As a matter of fact, for the little time in advance we knew our daughter was on the way, we didn't have any choices we could agree on. We decided to buy the book of 100,000 names (Yes - 100 THOUSAND - SO CRAZY!!) and we treated ourselves to a "baby moon" weekend getaway. We sat by the ocean and went through nearly page by page of that voluminous book until we could come up with a list of about 10 names. After we realized Donna Martin wasn't a good option, we narrowed it down to Holland and Simone.

(Scout) "Bill was at the office as I was putting some finishing touches on the nursery in preparation of returning with our daughter. My friend, designer Kenneth Brown, had sent us pieces from his nursery collection. One of the things he sent was a name kit, a book of alphabet stickers to spell out your child's name on the wall. I surprised Bill and put "Simone" above her nursery window. When he walked in, he said, "Simone it is. It's perfect." And that's our name story...We can't imagine her being named anything else. Our Simone.

Choosing Tori & Dean as Simone's godparents was just a natural choice for us. They're our family and they shared our amazing journey with us so closely. There wasn't anyone else we even considered (no offense to any family/friends reading this). We love their children as though they're our own and them the same with Simone. They're amazing parents.

We're still speechless about the party Tori threw in honor of Simone. It was beyond anything we had ever imagined. She totally surprised us with the details, so it was overwhelming to take it all in. (Tearing up now just thinking about it). We can't imagine how much time and energy she devoted and she didn't miss one tiny detail. Of course! It's not her style to do so. And not to gush, but "amazing" and "stunning" aren't even close to describing how fabulous it was!

Tori has so much going on with her life, work and businesses—of course we thought she was nuts for taking on another job opening InvenTORI!

While helping her clear out her storage unit, we knew going into it that she wasn't going to let go of anything easily. Although, we've always dreamed of visiting her infamous storage unit - we've heard about it for years and she's said so many times that she had this or that in her storage unit. It didn't disappoint. However, we were a bit disappointed that we didn't find a few antique cars stashed away. We had heard rumors that she had a few of those hidden in there!

The store opening was great. The store is so chic and fun to visit. We actually buy a lot of stuff there. (We highly suggest any of the candles - last time we went, we bought 6!).
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