Brenda & Oliver on Episode 5: Argentinian Affair

We decided on a traditional wedding with Argentinian flare because we wanted our wedding to reflect our culture and our values. We are both Argentinian, and although we grew up in the United States, we both treasure the traditions and uniqueness of our parents' culture. Brenda had always dreamed of an elegant, classic and formal wedding. So we put the two together and presto--Argentinian flare!

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Brenda: I had fallen in love with the Vera Wang dress that Carrie wears in the Sex and the City movie, but I knew that that was a tall order to fill and a bit far-fetched to think that anyone could get it for me! When Tori had me over to her house and surprised me with the dress I ended up wearing on my wedding day, I was a bit hesitant at first because it was hard to let go of my dream of having the Vera dress. Yet once I put on the dress Tori had gotten me, I quickly realized that it had all the elements that I wanted for my dream dress. By the day of my wedding, I was like, "Vera who?"

Oliver: I decided to create a painting for Brenda's gift on our wedding day because I wanted to give her something symbolic and something that I had put time and serious thought into. It took some time to figure out WHAT I wanted to paint, and I decided to paint a harbor looking out over the ocean, because I thought it was symbolic of the journey that we were starting together for the rest of our lives. This was tough to do because I didn't have a lot of time before the wedding and because I hadn't painted in a LONG time. I was so glad that Bren recognized how much effort and love I put into the painting because it was challenging for me! It was TOTALLY worth it.

When I met our new puppy, Dena, I was totally blown away! The last thing that I thought Bren would surprise me with was a new dog, but it couldn't have been a better gift! I love her and she is SUCH a daddy's little girl.

We were in awe of the beauty of our reception area. We were so glad that James had discovered the space in which we held the reception because it totally captured the flavor of "old world Spanish architecture" that we were looking for. We loved how Tori and James loaded the tables with candles and flowers, and that the guests were served cold cuts and cheeses on wooden boards--just as it's done in Argentina! The contrast of the rustic wood and the crisp, clean linens was unbelievable. I think that we both could not have asked for more--we got our dream wedding and reception!

We both really cherished and enjoyed our first dance. We had been running around ALL day and the ceremony was emotionally charged. It was so wonderful to get those few minutes to just listen to our song, sway in each other's arms and know that we had done "it," and everything had worked out. We also loved the tango dancers that Tori and Dean surprised us with. We had mentioned it to them during the consultation, but they hadn't mentioned it ever again. We kind of thought that we had asked for a little too much, so when T and D introduced the dancers and they began the show, we were in the clouds. We also loved how they got guests to dance with them and that their performance became so interactive.

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For our honeymoon, we went to Vancouver, Canada and Seattle. Because we got married in November and were not going to have much time off from school and work, we wanted to get away to somewhere close and somewhere winter-y. We both had always wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest and we thought that this would be the perfect time to go. We both love to explore new cities, and we especially love to explore them with our stomachs. We're huge foodies and are always looking for new restaurants, and we found some INCREDIBLE ones in both cities. So if you're going to Seattle or Vancouver, just ask us where to grab the best bite to eat. ;)
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