Emily & Levi on Episode 2: Hollywood Nightclub Wedding

We absolutely loved the ceremony and seeing each other for the first time on our magical wedding day!

We wanted a theme that represented us as a couple and we wanted to recreate our first date. Our inspiration was classic ballroom elegance with a twist of Hollywood nightlife.

Because of the distance, it was hard for Levi’s mom to take time off of work to come all the way from Illinois to come visit us. Before the wedding, it had been over a year since she had been to California. Levi and I also have full time jobs teaching dance, so we could not take time off either.

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Emily: When meeting Levi’s mom over Skype and then in person on the day of the wedding, I was nervous at first, but am so glad we got to finally be able to meet and have a relationship. My mother also met my Dad's parents for the first time on their wedding day, and they have been happily married for 35 years.

Levi: Getting the guitar as a gift from Emily was the most amazing gift I have ever received in my life, other than having Emily as my wife!

Emily: Being a Tiger is a lifestyle! It means you are always ready to have a good time, being a good friend, and have some kind of have a fabulous creative job outside of the 9-5 world. Tigers know what they want and go after it! Also, pink lipstick, spandex, and eyelashes are a must at all times.

There were so many amazing details to our wedding, so it’s hard to choose only one favorite! The ceremony was done to perfection: the beautiful chandelier above the altar, our pet rats being there with us in their pink cage, and being able to walk down a fuchsia-flowered aisle!

We absolutely loved the ceremony and seeing each other for the first time on our magical wedding day! Another great moment was our first dance. This was the first time we danced together as husband & wife and it was amazing to have that connection on the dance floor.

Our advice for any future bride and grooms planning the big day is to try to start your first dance lessons at least three months before your wedding. Your first dance as a married couple is truly a magical moment. You will want it to be memorable, fun, and exciting! You need time to practice and perfect your dance. This will relieve the stress on the wedding day and make you feel more confident on the floor. Keep your first dance under 3 minutes, it’s the perfect amount of time to make an impression and keep the crowd’s attention. It’s not about quantity; it’s quality that’s important. Know the limits of your wedding dress, and be sure to try moving around with dips and turns in your dress before the big day.

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Through hanging out with Tori & Dean, we learned that marriage does not have to be boring! You can still go out and have a great time, laugh together and dress to impress. We love how Tori & Dean are powerful as a team and as individuals.

Levi: Emily’s father surprised us with a two-week honeymoon to Maui and Oahu. Shortly after we got back, we took a second honeymoon trip with the Tigers and Lions to Las Vegas.

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