James on Episode 1: Pug Chic Wedding

I have two pugs so I was really excited to do a pug wedding. Also Tori and Dean have a history of pugs so we were all jumping with joy! I must admit I did have a slight concern about how far they wanted to take the theme. I really didn't want it to become comical, but this was never the case. It's always hard to try and describe to people a pug-themed wedding; you tend to get a raised eyebrow. The wedding ending up being one of my all-time favorites!!

One of the biggest challenges was having to have the ceremony exactly at sunset, because we needed to have enough lighting set-ups to make the environment and that monster tree look romantic in both daylight and at night!

PHOTOS: Check out the entire album of Samantha and Steven's Wedding here!

The Pug adoption was INSANE!!!! I think it must have been the only wedding on earth where you could also adopt a pug.
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