Samantha & Steven on Episode 1: Pug Chic Wedding

We knew we wanted Gus and Gus involved since they are such a big part of our lives and how we met, but we didn’t know how we were going to make it work. We didn’t really have any other theme in mind for our wedding. When we were first planning our wedding, we didn’t consider it to be "themed" necessarily, but just a reflection of us. Once we found out Tori & Dean were planning our wedding, we really got into the idea of a "pug chic" theme because we knew were in good hands...not just good hands actually, but in the most perfect hands for what we wanted. As for the Jewish ceremony...our Jewish faith is very important to both us so there was no question that we would have a Jewish wedding and be married by a Rabbi.

Ahhh, "The Bickersteins"--we love it! To be honest we don’t think we argue that much, even though most people who see the show will think we are crazy for saying that, but that’s just us being us. We are both outgoing, passionate, opinionated, strong personalities and we say what we feel. We don’t hold back. If we disagree with something the other one says, we will make it known but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are completely open and honest with each other and sometimes that can cause us to bicker, but we would rather over-communicate than hold in our feelings. As a couple, I think we are very real and relatable which is why Tori probably thought our arguing was cute. What couples don't bicker? Especially when planning a wedding? Sure, we may bicker more than others but we're not perfect. We are who we are. At the end of the day we love each other dearly and there is nobody we would rather bicker with than each other. :-)

The surprises at the wedding were INCREDIBLE and absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. We both flipped over the pug adoption center. It completely blew our minds and it’s something we know we will never see at any other wedding.

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Steven: The photo booth, candy bar, and wedding ring were a complete surprise to me. I felt like our wedding was the gift that kept on giving...every time I turned my head there was another surprise, and I loved it all.

Samantha: The pug adoption center by far was the best surprise to me, but the mural of Gus & Gus, the white carpeted ballroom, and the pug toss at the ceremony were all amazing surprises! Everything was so well thought out. Tori and Dean nailed it, and they took our vision and brought it to life ten times over.


Steven: There were so many great details but I loved the Gus & Gus VIP pug lounge. It was so great to be able to have them right next to us at the reception the entire night.

Samantha: I loved all the details! I don't know how I can possibly pick one detail as my favorite, BUT the pug toss always sticks out in my mind. I just think that was an amazing way to incorporate something pug-ish into the ceremony in such a chic way. But in all honesty, I loved every little detail of our wedding. There isn't one thing I would change.


Steven: The best moment of our wedding for me was our first dance. The pressure of the ceremony was over, we were officially married and it was a moment for us to celebrate. Even though all eyes were on us, it was a very intimate moment and it felt like we were the only 2 people in the room.

Samantha: My favorite moment actually occurred before the wedding ceremony when Steven and I saw each other for the first time. It was so touching to see Steven turn into mush and cry. I knew he would be emotional but I didn't expect to see him THAT emotional. I felt so beautiful and happy and special at that moment...I felt like a bride. There was so much love and joy between us and it was the best feeling. All of my anxiety and nerves disappeared when I saw him and saw how he reacted to seeing me.


Our advice to future brides and grooms is to be yourselves and don't give into pressures of what you think your wedding should be. Everyone will have their opinions but your opinions are the ones that matter, so speak up! Also, make sure to communicate and support each other. Planning a wedding is stressful, emotional, exciting and even scary at times so be a team, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride. And we know everyone says this and we heard it so much before our wedding, but ENJOY EVERY MOMENT because it all goes by so fast.

The best tip we picked from Tori and Dean was by watching them work together. They may disagree and have different opinions at times and yes even bicker, but they are an amazing team who clearly love and respect each other which was really inspiring and refreshing for us to see and be a part of.

sTORIbook Weddings was an incredible experience and we feel so lucky to have had Tori and Dean plan our wedding. They were more than just our wedding planners. They became our friends and exceeded all of our expectations. They got everything right and captured our vision down to every last detail. To date, this was the most special day of our lives and we owe so much of that to Tori and Dean. They hold a special place in our hearts and always will. When the time comes, I would love to have Tori & Dean plan my baby shower, decorate the nursery, plan our anniversaries and our children's weddings, etc. They are amazing and would make any special occasion absolutely perfect! Tori and Dean absolutely made our dreams come true, and then some.

For our honeymoon, we are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

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