Sarena & Eric on Episode 7: Steampunk Wedding

Eric: We came up with the steampunk/1920's theme as a "marriage" of two things we really like. Being an artist I discovered steampunk when I was in college when I read a comic book called "SteamPunk". It was such a rich and interesting world, set in a fictional Victorian era where everything was full of pipes, gears, odd steam contraptions, and Victorian aesthetics. It was such a great joining of dirty industry and beautiful old world themes with a sci-fi twist I couldn't help but fall in love with the genre. Working in video games as I do, this genre is also represented a lot, so even before I knew what steampunk was, I was seeing it in works I appreciated all the time.

Sarena: I have always loved the 1920's. It was such a period of beauty! Women were starting to show their strength and cut their hair short, wear short dresses, and in general just be themselves! I love the vampy make-up and fashions that went with it! I guess it just brings out the romantic in me!

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When we saw how "all-out" Tori and Dean went for our photo shoot, we were besides ourselves! They rented actual vintage clothing! It felt so surreal to be directed by Dean into different poses and shots, we even had little Liam doing some shooting as well! The cherry on top was seeing what was done with the footage at the wedding! The slideshow of us set to music from the Princess Bride was very emotional and such a heartwarming surprise! All of our guests told us how much they loved seeing the footage projected onto the walls too! It looked like totally authentic silent film footage! Definitely something we'll never forget!

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Sarena: I couldn't think of what to get Eric for the life of me! But when I told Tori about our matching tattoos and just went into detail about our lives together, she suggested the wish book and it just clicked! What a perfect idea and gift! I knew Eric would love it, and I was right!

Eric: I never really got to know my father, he suffered traumatic head injury when I was 8 years old and spent the next 16 years confined to a wheelchair with severe brain damage. He passed away a few years ago. I always think of him especially at moments where I know he would be proud of me, my wedding is just one such moment. I wanted something there to remind myself of his sacrifices for me and my family, even just a small token so that he was part of such a special day for us.

It was a pretty funny moment when Sarena thought I was reading her vows! I knew they were mine because it was my handwriting! I think it speaks to our bond that we feel so strongly and similarly about each other. It definitely was a humorous moment though. :)

I thought the wish book was such a heartfelt and special gift, unique and one-of-a-kind. The best gifts are the ones that truly come from the heart.

Sarena: I thought the hat Eric got me was so sweet and definitely in my style. It's cute that Eric tries to get me things that aren't common or easily found.

Eric: My favorite part of the wedding, wow where to start!? It was such a magical day. I mean my favorite part had to be seeing Sarena walking down the aisle towards me. She looked so radiant and full of joy. Beyond that I was floored by the Elevated Dreams act. They were so insanely talented. They just blew me away and added a sense of magic and wonder to our wedding.

Sarena: I have to agree with Eric, I think my favorite part was the ceremony, walking down the aisle, saying our vows. And seeing Eric standing up there was so special and just an amazing indescribable feeling!

We are sooo excited that we got an all-expenses paid Honeymoon from! Unfortunately we haven't taken our honeymoon yet due to some circumstances beyond our control. BUT all is not lost as we're planning on going in July and we're going to Hawaii!!! We found an amazing resort on Kauai that we think is going to be just flat out perfect! We can't wait to go!

sTORIbook Weddings was the opportunity of a lifetime for us, and has been such an incredible experience. Our wedding really was a dream come true. Tori and Dean were so creative, detail oriented, reassuring, and down to earth! They welcomed us into their home like friends, and were just lovely people. We think they have a spectacular career in wedding planning if they chose to! We would totally hire them for our vow renewal in a few years! :)

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