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Sarena and I met in late 2006. She worked at the Starbucks right by my office. I used to go in and get coffee every day, (even though my office provided it), just so I could see her! Finally I asked her out and the rest is history! We started dating shortly after, and recently celebrated our four-year anniversary.

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When I decided to propose, I devised an entire day of activities for us to do. The previous weekend we spent the entire time in, so I came up with the idea that this weekend we'd do something out! I told Sarena that we were going to go to the de Young Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. First, we went and got brunch at a great little tea house. We had an amazing tea service with different pastries, quiche, and fruit. Then we went to Golden Gate Park, but before going to the museum, I suggested we go to the Japanese tea gardens nearby. There is this amazing "moon bridge" there, which is basically a half circle.

I asked a couple if they'd take our picture when we got to the top. When I gave them the camera I whispered to them that I was going to propose! Once we got to the top I dropped to one knee and asked if Sarena would marry me. She asked "Are you serious!?" looking completely shocked! I said, "YES! Look at the ring!" She of course said yes, amidst many tears of joy. We walked around the gardens and called our families. We still went to the museum and had a great time, then went back to our apartment where I had champagne waiting. After relaxing for a bit, I informed Sarena that we had reservations at a restaurant that she had been wanting to go to for forever down at the ferry building. It was one of the happiest days of our life.

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Our favorite thing about weddings is being able to see everyone so happy and excited to celebrate the love of people they care about. So many people from so many different walks of life coming together to celebrate the universal truth of love is something very special. Our wedding is inspired by the 1920's prohibition era (Sarena's favorite!) and the fictional genre of "Steampunk" which to the layman is s a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction. Steampunk has lots of really amazing visual touches that I've always loved: gears, big rusted machinery, and cool clothing inspired by Victorian era Great Britain.

We were on the verge of eloping before Tori and Dean came along! When we auditioned to get on the show and have our wedding planned by Tori and Dean we just tried to be ourselves and hoped that our personalities came through and they liked us, as well as our wedding theme. We aren't sure why they chose us to be on the show, but we hope it is because they thought we were a really nice couple who are truly in love, with a cool, unique wedding idea!

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