Seema & Nihar on Episode 8: Bollywood Wedding

We both love old Bollywood movies and appreciate the India we grew up knowing, which was more traditional and embraced an old world feel. We grew up in America so we have that modern side to us, so we wanted to combine these aspects of our backgrounds with who we were. It was also a nice homage to our parents and families who came to America to provide us with better opportunities.

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The Bollywood photo shoot was fun! We had suspicions about what the shoot was for but it didn't come together for us until we saw the table cards. They were hilarious! Tori and Dean found some of the more iconic old Bollywood film posters for us to mimic, so that made it special.

It was kind of a bummer at first to move the ceremony indoors because of the rain, but what can you do? We knew Tori and the team were going to make it look amazing no matter what, but we definitely were looking forward to being able to have an outdoor ceremony given the fact that we were at a hotel (which was a choice made to help make travel, lodging, etc. convenient for our older guests, out of town friends, and family). Ultimately, as we knew would happen, it was still absolutely gorgeous indoors.

Seema: Tori’s bargaining skills were impressive! I get nervous bargaining, and I definitely wish I were better at it sometimes. But Tori stepped in and played it like a pro! She was willing to walk away from prices that were too high, and she was firm with what she wanted. I think ultimately she got some pretty good deals once she got the hang of it!

Nihar: I appreciated the extra effort James went through to find the car I’d make my entrance in. Not only did the old car fit with our theme, I think a lot of the older people at the wedding recognized it, and had similar memories of riding in a car like that growing up. I know my dad was excited to see if they could pull it off, and they did. It's the kind of car you never see here in America, it really does bring back memories for everybody.

The video presentation that Tori put together was extremely special. We tried getting the family here in person but due to the politics of getting visas for Indian residents, it just didn't happen. They also tried to find ways to stream the ceremony live for my family in India but that didn't work out either. So given the situation, knowing that Tori went through all the possibilities and made the video happen, we were extremely touched. Our families are everything to us and deciding to have the wedding in America instead of India was a tough choice. Nihar's family would have had a hard time attending a wedding in India, and Seema's family had a hard time attending in America -- there was no easy answer. To have Seema's family present, even if just via video, meant a great deal and, as seen in Seema's reaction, was very emotional.

Seema’s favorite part of the wedding was definitely the reception...the video from India, the surprise flash mob was incredible! What a way to celebrate one of the best moments in life! The stress of the ceremony and the rituals and being pulled in a million directions was over and it was time to just have fun with everyone we loved in one place. Never will we have all those people together with us at the same time again. For Nihar, the speeches were all heartfelt and special. Sometimes wedding speeches can be awkward or boring, but our friends and family went four for four.

We haven't gone on our honeymoon yet! We are still working out timing and location given that we both have tough work and school schedules. We're hoping to go somewhere next summer, though!

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STORIbook Weddings was a great way to go through the wedding planning process. It was unique, fun, and took a lot of the stress off of us. Tori, Dean and their team were great to work with. They were interested in learning about our culture and traditions, and did everything they could do truly make our wedding a dream come true.
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