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She happened to sit down next to Nihar and when the lights went up, he offered to buy her pizza. The rest is history.We met at a bar in Los Angeles. Nihar was there meeting a friend he rarely saw, after having been to his friend's courthouse wedding. Seema swung by her neighborhood watering hole to say hello to the friendly bartender. She happened to sit down next to Nihar and when the lights went up, he offered to buy her pizza. The rest is history. We met on December 20, 2008, so our wedding was the day before our two year anniversary.

Nihar and Seema were traveling to New York for a friend's wedding. Nihar had conspired with a few of Seema's friends to have them all meet up at a bar near 30 Rock after they landed in the city. Upon heading to the bar, Seema's friend texted to say she was stuck in traffic and was going to be 45 minutes late. Nihar suggested they go to the viewing area at the top of 30 Rock to check out the view while they waited. Seema, irritated and hungry, thought they were going to see the city the next day at the top of the Empire State Building so was hesitant. Nihar insisted so she agreed and they stood in line for tickets. The security guard at the building started walking around and yelled to everyone in line that ticket purchases were to be made downstairs. Seema questioned why they were in the wrong line until Nihar sighed...and pulled 2 pre-purchased tickets out of his pocket. Seema instantly knew what was happening. The next 20 minutes to get up to the top of 30 Rock was anxiety-filled for both of them. Once they got to the top, Nihar dragged Seema around until he reached the point where the Empire State Building was in sight, stopped, and dropped to one knee. Nihar's friend had been lurking in the shadows and started taking pictures as Seema leaned over to say "yes" and take her new beautiful ring!

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We love that weddings are a time to share an incredibly special moment with everyone you love most in the same place at the same time—a rare occurrence in life. Dancing is a close second. Our wedding was inspired by vintage Bollywood themes.


Seema saw a casting call for a wedding planning show, and knowing how difficult it was to plan a wedding, she wrote in and briefly told the story of her and Nihar. They were called in for a video interview and 2.5 months later got the call that they'd been chosen to be on the show. We were chosen to be on the show because our wedding definitely presented challenges, not just in the way any wedding does, but also because of the fact that it was a traditional Indian wedding.

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