Sherine & George On Episode 4: Arabian Nights Wedding

I feel like we had the Royal Wedding of the century and I felt like a princess being carried out on the magic carpet. We decided to have an Arabian Nights-themed wedding because it represents our culture, which is very important to both of us. I loved the magical & enchanted feel of the theme because it resembles our love for one another. Family, food, music & fun are top priorities in the Lebanese culture and we felt the theme would embody all of these aspects.

George and I had been engaged since January 2010 and I only managed to go dress shopping one time! I had picked out a few dresses but fell in love with the 1st one I tried on. It fit like a glove! I knew I had to have it but the only problem was getting it on time. They said there was no possible way to get it in time for the wedding. I was devastated and really starting to stress that I would have to settle for a less than perfect dress. When Tori surprised me with the dress delivered on her doorstep, I was shocked! Words cannot describe how happy I was when I opened the box and saw what was inside. I thought it was flowers from George!

PHOTOS: Check out all the little details at Sherine & George's Arabian Nights Wedding!

When we started looking into venues, Tori gave me 3 options to choose from. As soon as we pulled up to the first spot, I knew there was no point in going to the other venues. James confirmed our decision when he started describing his vision for the reception and what he could do with such an open canvas. When Tori and Dean first told us they lost the venue, I thought they were lying and trying to trick us! I started crying and I don't cry very often so that should tell you how I was feeling. I didn't even tell my parents because I didn't want them to freak out more than I was, so we kept it to ourselves and starting thinking of Plan B. In my heart, there really was no Plan B and I didn't want to believe that we lost the venue. Tori & Dean really had to pull some strings to get the venue back and I was pretty much the happiest girl on earth when they broke the news to us. I could not imagine it anywhere else!

The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was deciding whether to have the wedding ceremony outdoors or in the church. I am such a free spirit and have always dreamt of getting married outdoors in the open air. George’s dad was very adamant about us getting married in an orthodox church though. After losing the venue and then getting it back, it helped put things in perspective for me. I got what I wanted for the reception, so I felt the need to compromise for the ceremony. The church ceremony was beautiful and in the end, I was happy to follow my man and his family tradition.

George: I was really touched that my dad wanted to make me a custom suit for my wedding. He's a designer, so he makes suits all the time but this one was special. He made it with love and I felt very proud wearing that suit.

VIDEO: Check out Sherine's reaction to Tori's surprise of finding her nearly impossible dress!

Tori and Dean pulled off the Arabian Nights theme to a T. The attention to detail was insane!! I don't even know where to begin. The table settings were so vibrant and lively, which is exactly what I wanted. The hookah lounge was genius and gave guests another area to chill and take in their surroundings. I feel like we had the Royal Wedding of the century and I felt like a princess being carried out on the magic carpet. I could not believe they got a camel to my wedding. A camel and a snake charmer, hello! I jokingly requested those things, thinking there is no way they were going to pull it off! Belly dancers are such a tradition in Middle Eastern weddings and I'm so glad they were able to incorporate them in the entertainment. Everyone enjoys belly dancers, come on, they're hot! Tori went all out with the little details. She even had bejeweled slippers for guests to wear and take home as party favors. I absolutely loved the little magic lamps used for the table seating place holders, they were so original. I can go on and on because there was so much put into making our dream wedding come true. Our pillow-cake was amazing and our guests were raving about it. It didn't even look like a cake; it was a piece of art. The food was delicious and had all the traditional Lebanese foods we love! Overall, I would have to say the best part of our wedding was Tori & Dean being there to support us through every step of the way, and our family and friends getting to experience our Arabian Nights Extravaganza with us!
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