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George and I met at a party that we had for my sister & brother-in-law at my parent's house in Glendora, CA. All the girls thought he was hot and I was surprised when he made it a point to introduce himself. We were both in relationships at the time and didn't rekindle our flirtations until months later, when we ran into each other at a club. I knew it was something special early on, but we had our ups & downs. George and I dated for three and a half years. We had a couple "mini-breakups" early in the relationship but our love kept us together.

George proposed to me on my 27th Birthday! He was being so obviously not himself that I had a feeling he was going to propose. Before heading to Falcon (in Hollywood) to meet up with my party people, he insisted we go to dinner. Being a typical girl, I didn't really care to eat a gourmet meal right before my birthday party—gotta look good in that little black dress! I managed to get ready in time for dinner and he took me to this really nice French restaurant. We were seated and before I could finish my first glass of wine, George handed me a birthday card. It said a lot of lovey dovey cute things and at the end, instructed me to "turn card over." At the same time that I'm reading, "Will you marry me,"George got down on his knee and asked me. It was extra special because he proposed to me with his mom's engagement ring, which meant I already had the approval of the family. It was very romantic.

PHOTOS: See candid photos of Sherine & George here!

What I love most about weddings is the open bar. If you don't have one, that's just wrong! I also love speech time because depending on how much time you spent at the open bar usually determines how the speech will go! I love when siblings share funny stories about the bride/groom and when you can feel the emotion in the room. That is when you know it's for real. I also love when they have a photo booth at the reception –that's always fun!

My wedding was inspired by a magical ancient time in the desert. Our culture played a big part in choosing the theme. George & I are both Lebanese and Arabian Nights just seemed so fitting. Our love felt magical from day one and our wedding was a dream come true. I wanted guests to feel like they were being taken away to another place & time. I wanted it to be fun for everyone!


I saw the ad for the show while I wasn't working. Having a lot of time on my hands, I said "What the heck!"  I probably will not get chosen but it's worth a try. I responded to the ad with a full detailed vision of what my perfect wedding would be. I never wanted to have an ordinary wedding because I never saw myself as just an ordinary girl. I sent pictures of us and shortly after, we got called in to audition for the show. That was probably the most exciting thing I've ever done. Months had passed with no response and I figured we didn't make the cut. I was so bummed when reality had set in, that if we didn't get on the show, we were never going to get married—at least that's how I felt. When we got the call that the network loved us, that was the day my life turned around! Honestly, I am forever grateful for this opportunity we were given.

VIDEO: See Sherine & George's dilemma on whether or not to have their traditional wedding inside or outside!

Part of the reason I was chosen to be on the show is because someone from casting thought I looked like Kim Kardashian! Ha, I wish! But I will take that compliment any day. The other part must have been my charm, personality & awesome wedding theme!


Tori & Dean are such a sweet couple. They really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted for the wedding. I think what they're doing for couples is beyond words. They probably don't even realize how much this kind of thing means to ordinary couples. No one wants to have a same old wedding, but most of us don't have the means or connections to pull off such an extravaganza! I think Tori will only get better and better at pulling off sToribook Weddings!

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