Tori On Episode 1: Pug Chic Wedding

What enticed you to agree to plan Samantha and Steven’s Wedding?

When I heard that Samantha and Steven wanted their Jewish wedding to be Pug-themed, I was super excited! One reason is that I’m Jewish, and I was eager to participate in planning something that was a real part of my roots. The other reason is that I’m absolutely obsessed with Pugs! Once I got my Pug, Mimi La Rue, I was hooked on them! They’re just the sweetest things. I was so happy to hear that Samantha and Steven first bonded over the fact that they both had Pugs named Gus! What a coincidence! It had to be fate.

How did you feel when you were presented with the Pug-theme idea?

Samantha told me she wanted everything in the wedding to be Pug-themed. Now, this got me thinking, because I knew the reception needed to have cute, intricate Pug details while still maintaining a really chic atmosphere. The unique theme of the wedding made it challenging, yet super fun to plan, by allowing me to add a really creative and signature “Samantha and Steven” flair to it.

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What were Samantha and Steven’s dynamics as a couple? What did you learn from them?

Speaking of Sam and Steve, I really respect them as a couple. Their relationship seems to be a well-oiled-machine. Yes, they did bicker so much that Dean and I nicknamed them “the Bickersons,” but it seemed as if their bickering caused them to see eye-to-eye much better than holding in their feelings and exploding later. This showed me that keeping your feelings inside is way overrated. One thing I learned from Sam and Steve is that I want to be more vocal with my feelings. I love to have that element in any relationship where there is nothing to hold back, everything is out in the open, and that way the person can understand you more clearly. This was reflected between them while trying to plan their wedding together, which can be stressful, but turned out to be fun, because of their wonderful personalities and humor!


What were some special touches you thought of to make the wedding unique?

We had this brilliant idea to incorporate a “Pug lounge” into the wedding, this way we can have a really special Pug element without being corny or tacky. To fill the “Pug lounge” we brought in live Pugs from a rescue shelter that needed adoption! Throughout the night, we even got a few of the pups adopted! Some other details included the seating cards, which each had different pictures of both Guses on them, and the “toss a Pug” which was a tiny stuffed Pug that we encouraged everyone to throw at the bride and groom after they kissed! Oh, and I can’t forget the mini yarmulkes I made for Gus and Gus! We had all of these small elements as accents while maintaining the chic silver and gold metallic atmosphere that Sam and Steve wanted.

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What were some things that motivated you to pull off a sToribook Wedding?

I really don’t think there has ever been a Pug-themed wedding before, and this notion made me realize that I had limitless possibilities. I thought creatively, and with Dean and James by my side, we really got the job done. Sam and Steve were extremely easygoing when it came to plans, which made my job easier and a lot more fun. As many of you might know, I’m extremely detail oriented. I think the thoughtful finishing touches make a wedding so much more memorable, and that’s exactly what this wedding was. It was special, and unlike any other wedding I’ve ever seen. I would have wanted nothing less for this unique and lovely couple!

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