Tori On Episode 2: Hollywood Nightclub Wedding

I wasn't sure at first how to make fuchsia, sparkles, and feathers chic, plus the whole rat theme mixed in threw me off.What is it like to collaborate with your husband and James to help plan an entire wedding?

I love working with Dean - we work really well together. I'm the creative one and he's the brawn. And for a guy, he has really great detail ideas, too. James just completes our dream team. He has such great taste and energy that between the three of us we get the job done!

VIDEO: Check out the story of how Emily & Levi met!

What was your reaction when you met Emily and Levi?

When I first met Emily and Levi, I thought they were really fun. They both had such great energy. The theme of their wedding was a bit out of my comfort zone just because I wasn't sure at first how to make fuchsia, sparkles, and feathers chic, plus the whole rat theme mixed in threw me off. I knew instantly that it would be a challenge and that excited and inspired me! Levi seemed very sweet and naïve and I was a little worried at first that the theme and color palette seemed more Emily than Levi.


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What was the biggest obstacle you encountered while planning the wedding for Emily and Levi? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was giving Emily the over-the-top wedding of her dreams while still maintaining a chic, elegant look. I also wanted to make sure I incorporated Levi's personality into the wedding. I think I achieved both.

What did you think about Emily and her Tiger friends? How did you feel about them having you as an honorary Tiger?

The Tigers were hilarious, especially when they drank their “tiger juice,” aka champagne! Those girls adore each other and know how to have fun. I loved their energy. I was so honored when they made me a Tiger! So fun! Weddings can be so stressful to plan so it took me out of that and gave me a moment to really enjoy myself.


What was the best part of the wedding for you?

The best part of the wedding for me was when Levi sang his amazing song that he wrote for his bride and watching Emily and Levi dance together on the dance floor. You could just see how well they connected and how hopelessly in love they are with each other!

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