Tori on Episode 4: Arabian Nights Wedding

What did you think about planning an Arabian Nights-themed wedding, complete with magic carpet ride?

I was really excited about planning an Arabian Nights wedding. As a wedding planner, I love taking on challenges and themes that take me out of my comfort zone. I don't want to be known for one signature look. I want people to know I can plan any type of party or wedding. Plus, Arabian Nights had an element of fantasy to it which I loved.

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What did you think of George’s dad saying he would only go to the wedding in a church?

George's dad is old school. He believes in tradition and I respect that. But, I had to side with Sherine, because being a woman, I know that every girl has pictured her own wedding in her mind since she was a little girl. Sherine had always pictured herself getting married outdoors. So while I understood where George and his dad were coming from, I really supported Sherine's vision.

VIDEO: Check out this clip of Sherine & George's Arabian Nights Wedding!

How did you feel when the venue cancelled one week before the wedding?

When we lost their wedding venue, I felt physically ill. When we commit to doing a couple's wedding, I truly take that task to heart. It’s one of the biggest days of their lives and if I'm involved, I vow to them and myself to make it nothing short of perfection within my means. So, when the venue cancelled a week before, I felt that although it wasn't my fault I had failed them. And, having to tell them was beyond hard. It was a horrible day that I knew I had less than a week to make right!

What did you think of Sherine compromising with George about the ceremony and reception location?

I stood by Sherine's decision to compromise with George about the ceremony being inside and then the reception outside. They are starting a journey together where two become one, and compromise will continue to play a big part in their relationship.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding was Sherine's mom teaching me how to make Baklava. We made it for the entire wedding, and Dean and I have continued time and time again to make it for our family and friends.

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