Tori on Episode 5: Argentinian Wedding

The hardest challenge was pleasing the bride. What did you think when Brenda and Oliver said they wanted to have a traditional wedding with an Argentinean flair?

I was excited to plan a traditional wedding. Most of my brides come in with grand themes and color schemes. Brenda wanted elegant and traditional with a very neutral color palette. I was also excited to learn about Argentinean traditions so I could add a flair of it to the wedding.

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What was it like working with Brenda, who is a perfectionist like you?

Brenda and I are both type-A personalities so I totally got her. I understood her need for perfection and it made me want to work even harder to give her that. It was frustrating when she couldn't make decisions just because I wanted to please her but that doesn't stop me. I'm an overachiever, so if you don't like something, I'll present you with 20 more options until we find the right one!

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How did you end up finding a gown to match the one Brenda had her heart set on?

Brenda had her heart set on a dress from a movie that was impossible to find, so it was my goal to find her other options that she might like better or find her one that was almost exactly like the dress she fell in love with. It was quite a daunting task!


What was the most difficult challenge you faced while planning this wedding?

The hardest challenge was pleasing the bride. She was very particular, which I appreciated. But the hardest part wasn't when she didn't like something. It was the fact that she then couldn't put into words what she did want. So it felt a lot like a guessing game and just hoping I was doing the right thing.

What was your favorite part of this Argentinean wedding?

My favorite part of this wedding was styling the decor for it. I loved picking out beautiful pieces of furniture to style the empty venue. And, of course rescuing a dog with the bride!!

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